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Il cavallo più vecchio del mondo

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Il cavallo più vecchio del mondo oggi (nel 2003) vivente, dal sito  

In 2003 the Veteran Horse Society discovered Badger, the world's oldest living horse aged 50. He was taken to their rehabilitation centre in Pembrokeshire, where he showed the world what an amazing and majestic horse he was and stole the hearts of all who met him. Sadly Badger has passed away peacefully at the Pembrokeshire Centre, and took his companion Tiny with him. Literally, it seems, Tiny died of a broken heart as within 24 hours he too had passed away. Badger really was a very special and magical horse and all those who worked with him at the centre are devastated by his and Tiny’s loss. Earlier this year, Badger hit the headlines when he was officially recognised as the world's oldest living horse.

Julianne Aston, who founded the Society in 2001, worked personally with Badger for the time he was there and made this statement:

"I am absolutely devastated, we all knew we had a very special and magical pony in Badger, but I really can’t believe he has taken Tiny with him. There was something more to Badger than people realised, he did more than just touch people’s hearts, he had a presence and there was an aura and deep spirit about him.

Tiny was not a very old horse but he couldn’t bear to be without him and together they stay now forever. It has been an absolute honour to work with Badger and Tiny and they have taught us so much about veterans and have and will be fantastic ambassadors for the veteran horse.

"Badger showed the world his magical strength and personality and Tiny has shown us how they love and cherish those who are with them. I have had pair bonds separated before and we helped them with their loss and grief, but there was nothing we could do, we even brought in a Shetland companion but not even this was changing his mind he was going to be with Badger he just couldn’t live without him".
The Society would like to personally thank all those people who sent their well wishes and support to Badger and Tiny. Find out more about the work that they do at

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